Visuals / Short Film

The New Chicago Series Part 1:  A Home for a Home

I wrote this piece around gentrification in Chicago a couple of months ago, and wanted to attach a visual to it. This then trigged the idea to start a series documenting/commentating on the racist institutional devices that are tragically imbedded within our city. Words hold power, and I want to use mine to further the foundational conversations about what we can do to heal our city, take it back from our oppressors & exist in our Black liberated & abolitionist based future. 

Madre de la Casa

“Madre de la Casa” mixed media original piece 2023 (collage, digital collage, digital edit, & poetry) Continuing my visual + poetry series I started two years ago by incorporating another one of my artistic practices. This collage + poem is dedicated to my late mother, Tina. I haven’t been able to complete a poem in months & I’d like to think my mom pushed me to finish what I started. Never got a chance to post the collage because luckily someone purchased it at the first event I showcased the piece a few weeks ago- still wanted to share. If you’re sitting on a project, don’t let it collect dust- the world wants to see it.